Blood Makes the Green Grass Grow

Come to our screening at the Alexandria Film Festival on Saturday, November 17, 2012!

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Many thanks to our generous individual funders, including:

Marietta Bartoletti
Laura Belin
Linda Bigelow
Alexis Billy
Henry Boldrick
Maggie Butler
Walter Carlton
Emily Cator
Nancy Susan Dunetz
Mary & Stan Friedman

Erik Goetze
Judy Hatcher
Margaret Hensler
Henry Holmes
Robert Hurd
Katherine Kahr
Tony Kaplan
Mark Lentczner
Joe Lerer
Catherine Lerza

Maya Long
Rachel Maceiras
Peter Michaud
Philip Olsen
Tom Parrott
Elisa Robinson
Iver Peterson
Ellen Price
Sophia Raday
Dan Reshef

Betsy & John Scarborough
Sheila Sherwin
Melissa Shook
Liza Siegler
Cynthia Smith
David Szanton
Joe Uehlein
Karen Wilken
Don Williams

For more information on the film, check out:

Blood Makes the Green Grass Grow on Facebook

The movie’s IMDB page

You can also learn more on our Projects page, and read the production diary starting here