One of the “15 Films Not To Miss”

A nice mention from Randy Myers at the San Jose Mercury News:

Like Reply Share: Josh Peterson’s first dramatic feature – receiving a world premiere – is scrappy and was shot on the cheap in Berkeley. But don’t let that deter you. In this John Cassavetes-esque drama two ‘unlike’ people – a 20-something delivery driver and an older woman with MS – develop an unlikely bond. Peterson respects his two leads, played well by Dezi Solèy and Penny Werner. This one stuck with me.”



Time for an update! After a thrilling shoot (during which, miraculously, no one got injured, though lead actor Eric Newcombe came close) and some long weekends of editing, we have locked picture and are prepping for the final color grade and sound mix. And of course, fundraising continues so that we can pay for all this – much is owed to many.
We also finally have a title: FOREST BORN. Stay tuned for more news soon…