Time for an update! After a thrilling shoot (during which, miraculously, no one got injured, though lead actor Eric Newcombe came close) and some long weekends of editing, we have locked picture and are prepping for the final color grade and sound mix. And of course, fundraising continues so that we can pay for all this – much is owed to many.
We also finally have a title: FOREST BORN. Stay tuned for more news soon…

Into the Forest


We’re gearing up for the next short film, the Untitled Forest Project. These days are all about finalizing the camera package and other equipment, hiring the last crew members, and taking care of a million other logistical details.  Even more importantly, we’re brainstorming shots and refining and deepening the creative vision. Next Saturday the core Bay Area team will drive up to Portland, meet up with our local partners-in-crime, and the real work begins.

We Made It!

Heartfelt thanks to all the supporters who took us to our Kickstarter goal and beyond! With our post-production budget met, we have finished color grading and sound mixing – Harmon is now finished! We’re submitting it to film festivals now. Stay tuned…

Help Us Get Harmon Finished!

KSR_FundedWith_1inButtonPlease take a minute to check out our Kickstarter campaign for Harmon.  You can see a short trailer there and make a pledge (really, any amount helps, no matter how small, by boosting our number of backers and getting us more “Popular” visibility on the Kickstarter site). And tell your friends – we’re coming down to the wire and we really need your help. Thank you!

A New Name for the New Year

Green Growth Productions is now Sweepshutter Films! We have restructured, rebranded, and rebooted, but we’re still the same little production company that could, with Josh Peterson at the helm as Creative Director.

Take a look at our new logo animation – it might give you a hint about where the name came from (it was Josh’s word for a common device when he was a toddler)…

Alexandria Film Festival

We’re all set to screen at the Alexandria Film Festival on Saturday, November 17 at 4:00 pm. If you’re in the Washington DC area, don’t miss it!

The theater is in the US Patent and Trademark Office at 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, Virginia.

More info here!

The Finish Line

Gary working his magic

Today we finished our sound mix with the great Gary Rizzo. Composer Alexis Harte and I got to hear the soundtrack come alive in 5.1 Surround. With color correction completed at ZAP Zoetrope Aubry Productions last week, there really isn’t anything left to do on Blood Makes the Green Grass Grow. We’re actually done!

I’ve already submitted the unfinished version to a few festivals, and in the next weeks (and months…) I’ll be submitting to more, now with the completed version in all its sonic and pictorial glory.