Production Day Three

Tuesday, Nov 16

More Photoshop work on the photos in the morning, and printed out the fake bourbon labels my brother Nick designed for scene 27. Picked up Cathy (as I did yesterday) and we drove up to Belvedere for another day in Betsy and John’s beautiful house. Everybody’s been eating lunch and hanging out during downtime on their deck, looking out at the gorgeous view of the Belvedere marina and enjoying the warm weather. Almost like a vacation.

We started out with all the bedroom scenes except for scene 1; first day-for-night, then the morning scenes. Cathy and Don are amazing together, and all the backstory improv work we’ve done seems to have really paid off – they are totally believable as a long-married couple.

It Was All a Blur

Then upstairs we went for the climactic series of scenes. Very intense and completely successful. We struggled a bit over how to do the final shot – I wanted to track back from Tom and Mary sitting at the table, but without a dolly (or the time to set it up) we were stuck. Luckily I thought of trying a shot from out on the deck, with them framed by the big dining room window, which worked great. A very successful day.